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3 thoughts on “The Interactive Checklist

  1. I worked for a restaurant in Edmonton for a very short time (3 months max). While there I was told girls are to wear skirts or dresses and heels. Every night I would go home from my shift with aching swollen feet from standing up on heels all day. While men that worked there got to wear what ever black dress shoe they wanted. The one time I attempted to wear flat shoes I was told next time Id be written up. I once wore a small cardigan over the dress I was wearing. I was told to take it off as sweaters or long sleeves were not permitted and “this wasn’t Boston Pizza”… I’ve worked at establishments back in Nova Scotia and never was subjected to wearing uncomfortable painful shoes or sleeveless uncomfortable clothes. The food industry shouldn’t be about what size skirt or heels your server is wearing.. I understand that there needs to be some type of dress code but while men were allowed to wear long sleeves and comfortable shoes… Women workers were made to be uncomfortable and sore. Shouldn’t it be about the food experience ? I’ve never cared if my waitress was wearing heels or short sleeved dresses.

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  2. Hi, I’m sorry I listed like 6 establishments in one interactive checklist… I just realized that might cause problems for you in the master spreadsheet. Should I redo it? Like fill out a form for each establishment?


    • If you have time to redo it that would be optimal for us, however we know that life’s busy so if you don’t have time to that’s fine too. We just appreciate you using our checklist!


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