As we receive survey responses, we will put them together into a coherent analysis for each individual restaurant location. Thank you for participating by providing us with your reviews.

Please check back soon to review these results as we update this page. Thank you for your patience.


2 thoughts on “THE RESULTS

  1. Thank you for initiating this project! I’m moving to Edmonton to attend Grant MacEwan in the fall and plan on finding part time work in the service industry to support myself. I’d like to use your survey as a basis for where I decide to apply for work. I’ve worked in the service industry as a hostess, waitress and bartender on and off for almost twelve years in both Saskatoon and Toronto. I’ve seen and experienced many unfair situations and it is time for this to change. I am very much looking forward to reading the results.


    • Hi there, I am a male server at an Original Joes. The management and staff are awesome. There is no cliques or caddyness. The uniform are a conservative T-shirt and dark jeans, girls can wear make up if they choose and wear there hair down if they like

      I have only been there a short time but I cannot say enough about how great everyone one is, and the respect the front and back of house have for each other.

      There is an open door policy and always a manager on duty to help out.


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