This page houses a constantly growing list of establishments about which we have heard overwhelmingly positive things from both employees and guests.
While we cannot guarantee the consistency of positive qualities (such as: respectful management, comfortable and safe work environment, non-restrictive dress codes, etc), we nevertheless encourage you to check out these places of business!

(Restaurants/establishments not listed here either did not make the cut or have not been reviewed at all.)

  • Duggan’s Brewery
    • “Both staff and patrons are friendly, respectful, and I have no complaints or problems.”
    • “Our staff is a strong team and there is zero tolerance for any disrespect.”
    • “I have never felt forced to sexualize myself.”
    • “There is even number of male to female staff.”
  • Famoso Pizzeria
    • “I have never felt out of place there as a person of colour because of the diversity of the staff.”
    • “Our uniforms aren’t ‘sexy’ and our tips are equally shared so there’s no pressure to up the sex appeal.”
    • “The management is really kind to all of us staff, and they take really great care of us. I feel very safe at my work.”
  • State & Main
    • “The all-male management was always respectful.”
    • “Just a wonderful work environment for all sorts of people in back-of-house and front-of-house. I highly recommend it to anyone.”
    • “There was always a great open-door policy to any issues you were having.”
  • The Keg
    • “They always have at least 3 males working in the lounge (versus having it be predominantly female).”
    • “There’s no pressure to wear makeup or do your hair for your shift. No pressure tactics are used if you don’t. I’ve heard of girls losing shifts and being shamed at other restaurants, but that doesn’t happen here.”
  • Plum
    • “We don’t have a set dress code, but are expected to look nice. It’s a beautiful space to work in and everyone WANTS to dress up when they come to work.”
    • “I feel very safe all the time.”
    • “The staff is diverse both in terms of race and gender.”
    • “We are a team – we work hard to care about our work environment and each other.”
      • Note: We have also received a message from the owner of this establishment outlining her standards for the workplace and her employees, which we truly appreciate! Working towards creating a safe and respectful environment and emphasis on team-building is emphasized. Kudos!
  • Delux Burger Bar
    • “I felt like my identity as an individual was respected by management where I worked; so much so that it never even occurred to me that could have been an issue. While I was required to wear the work uniform, the way I wore my hair, accessories, makeup, etc. was never affected.”
    • “I 100% felt like my managers really cared about me.”
    • “I never felt unsafe.”
    • “The staff was incredibly diverse.”
    • “The best thing about Delux was that I never felt like I was pressured to wear makeup, do my hair, or ‘sexualize’ myself.”
  • The Melting Pot
    • “The dress code is a long-sleeve black shirt and long black apron (provided) black pants, shoes, socks, belt.”
    • “It is actually one of the few restaurants where I have worked that was fairly mixed in terms of gender and age of servers.”
    • “I found that because couples and women are the main clientele as well as a very modest dress code it is a truly unique restaurant environment that actually discourages self-sexualization.”
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